Loofah Pad


Loofah pads are an essential skin care product for exfoliating / scrubbing. The natural loofah material will make your skin feel smooth. The natural loofah fibers gently rid your skin of dead skin cells to reveal your naturally soft skin beneath.


Weight 0.02 kg

Directions For Use

First, wet the loofah pad with warm water. The more water you add, the softer the loofah pad will get. If you let it dry, the material gets harder again. This allows you to choose the rubbing texture you prefer. Next, add some soap / shower gel / body wash to the loofah. Gently but firmly rub the loofah in circular motions against your skin. For a refreshed and vitalizing effect, rinse your body with cool water. For a soothing and relaxing effect, use warm water instead. Clean the loofah pads after every use with hot water to make sure all the soap is gone. Let the loofah pads dry completely in a non-humid room with good air circulation. You can sanitize the loofah pads once a week by placing them in boiling water for a few minutes.


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