Electric Foot Callus Remover Kit


Are you troubled by stubborn dead skin, rough skin problems, feel not confident when wearing foot-shoes, When wearing sock , do you worry that rough skin will make it hook?

Our Electric Foot Callus Remover can help you remover stubborn dead skin and rough skin. Through the simple care, make your feet skin restore delicate and smooth.

Whether you are a stubborn skin for the elderly, long-term exercise, running, climbing rough skin, or wearing high heels for worn skin, it is very suitable perfect for foot health care.


LED Power Display

3 Replace Quartz Sand Grinder Heads

Easy-to-use Electric foot file

Wear-Resistant and Non-Slip handle

IPX7 Waterproof

2 Speeds Adjustable

Rechargeable – No Change Batteries Necessary


Work rate: 3W

Electric pressure:3.7V

Power supply:5V

Charging time:3 hours

Transfer rate:2000+300 rpm

Perfect Feet Care Steps:

  1. First clean your feet or soak them in warm water for 10 minutes, then dry your feet.
  2. According to the condition of your own skin, choose the appropriate grinding head to install on the body, then press the switch button ,

gently rubbing your foot till dead skin drop off. Do not pressure is too strong, Otherwise, it will automatically protect and stop, avoid damage to your healthy skin.

3.Wipe your feet with a dry cloth or clean the dead skin, Apply moisturizing cream, massage your feet slowly.


  1. Do not open this product until the grinding head is properly installed.
  2. Please closing the product after, then clean the grinding head wheel.



Directions for Use

1. Pre-soak or go to step 2 after shower

Pre-soak until skin feels soft.

2. Use your callus remover on dry feet

Push the power button up and gently glide the roller on your skin. For your safety, the tool will slow down or even stop if you apply too much pressure.

3. Apply one of Asili’ body oils or body butters when you’re done & enjoy the smooth and soft skin feeling!

For immediate results, use this proven 3-step method.

Important: Do not immerse fully in water or use in shower.