FITNESS E-Book [Clean Shopping List + Workout Routines + Virtual Sessions]


Maintaining good health is not as difficult as you think. Asili’s Fitness E-books promise to give you the easiest way to maintain good health, optimal physical activity and an alert mind which is essential for everyone of all age groups.

ALL E-Books to choose  Include (A) Workout Sets  (B) Clean Grocery List   (C) Tracking List

  1. Group Circuit Training Guide
  2. Battle Rope Training Guide
  3. Strength and Weight Training Guide
  4. Cardio Training Guide
  5. Abdominal and Boxing Training Guide

I’ve Been Where You Are: Whether you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, train for a sport, short on time, don’t have equipment, are dealing with financial difficulties, not knowing what to eat or are just lacking motivation. I’ve been there and dealt with those issues and I’ve helped people in those and other situations find solutions.

You’ll Learn How To Motivate and Hold Yourself Accountable + I’ll SUPPORT YOU ALONG THE JOURNEY!

Virtual Training and Coaching Calls are the perfect solution for people who are not sure where and how to start their fitness and wellness journey, or for anyone who is looking to connect with someone who has been on/ are still on the journey.

TRY OUR: Virtual Exercise FITNESS mentorship program. This method  is a personalized, live, one-on-one workout session with one of our fitness ambassadors who will support you virtually for 30MINS or 1HR as you workout. Have you ever looked for a friend or family member to assist you to no avail? We understand that this can deplete your level of motivation and lead you astray. Sometimes, all we need is someone to chat with as you get through a workout.

NOTE: 2 sessions week is highly recommended to help you achieve your health goals! What are you waiting for? BOOK A SESSION(s) TODAY.

To Book, select the number of sessions you’d like. Then select an appropriate time using our digital calendar. We offer a No commitment + contract program which means you can schedule whenever you need someone to join you! If there is a conflict with the time selected someone from the team will contact you to re-schedule a more suitable time.


FITNESS E-Books [30 Day Challenges]

Group Circuit Training Guide, Battle Rope Training Guide, Strength and Weight Training Guide, Cardio Training Guide, Abdominal and Boxing Guide, Fitness Motivation 30 MIN SESSION, Fitness Motivation 60 MIN SESSION